Full-Stack Web Development

CareerFoundry is a 6-month intensive training program for web developers, specializing in Ruby on Rails and front-end development. I graduated from the program in September 2016.

With over a 400 hours in coding, I built a fluency in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. I built two projects from scratch, using MVC, RESTful, and object-oriented design patterns. I learned the value of version control while using Git and GitHub, and implemented unit, functional, and feature tests using RSpec, FactoryGirl, and Capybara

The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

This course contains nearly 30 hours of video lectures. Starting with the basics of Ruby, I learned how to hand-code a Rails app -- including a complete authentication system without the use of Devise.

I built 4 separate web apps using a range of technologies, including Git for version control, GitHub as a code repository, Heroku for production deployment, AWS S3 cloud storage, Sendgrid for production email, Devise for user authentication, Multi-Tenancy using Milia, Stripe API for payment processing (creating custom credit card forms), Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and wireframing tools for concept creation.

I also learned how to build test suits by writing Unit, Functional, and Integration tests.

The Complete MySQL Developer Course

In Progress...

After identifying MySQL as a soughtafter skill on many job postings, I enrolled in this highly-rated Udemy course to learn how to build Reports and work with Databases for Web Applications using MySQL and PHP.

The Complete Python/PostgreSQL Developer Course

In Progress...

As part of my continued education, I am learning Python and PostgreSQL through 9 projects in this highly-rated Udemy course.

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