Project Management Web App


This basic SaaS project management app built in Rails 4.2 uses multi-tenancy to allow an organization to set up an account, add employees to that account and assign projects to them.

Two plans are available: a Free Plan that allows one project and a Premium Plan that allows multiple projects. An organization’s admin user can create projects, add users, add users to projects and switch between the Free and Premium plans. At signup, users receive an email with a confirmation link, sent using SendGrid on Heroku.

Checkout is via a custom payment form and handled by Stripe.

Projects have expected completion dates and users can upload artifacts up to a max file size of 10MB. Amazon Web Services S3 is used for cloud storage.


  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails (4.2)
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap
  • Stripe API
  • Devise & Millia
  • AWS S3
  • Git, GitHub, Heroku, SQLite & PostgreSQL

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